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Masala Tee

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Virksomhedsbeskrivelse: We'd like to introduce our quirky Organic Tee brand, Masala Tee. Brewed In India for the world. You can view our piping hot or uber cool Masala Tee Collection in its entirety @ www.masalateeboutique.com (GLOSSARY: In India, 'masala' is the Hindi word for spice or, in practice, a mixture of spices; the blend of flavors that make a dish taste just right, giving you that right zing! AndMasala chai/tea is a beverage from the Indian subcontinent made by brewing tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices & herbs). The focus: Masala Tee prides itself on being an Indo-centric quirky eco tee product that reached out to the world by focussing on a memorable tongue-in-cheek brandname and branding, and essentially a good tee-shirt design that gives back to its community. We have presently 3 collections for our signature line: * MASALA TEE JEWEL Collection for Women : http://issuu.com/masalatee/docs/mtwomen * MASALA TEE SUGARCUBE Collection for Children: http://issuu.com/masalatee/docs/masalatee_children_ebook * MASALA T-URBAN Collection for Men: http://issuu.com/masalatee/docs/mtmen * And a spin off line called INFUSION with a softer, zen fluid tee makeover : http://issuu.com/masalatee/docs/infusioncollection Here are the unique Recepi & USPs of the Masala Tee (JEWEL/T-URBAN/SUGARCUBE) Collections: 100% Organic Cotton 'Green' Tee prepared to perfection Encrusted with Swarovski stones for Women, and embroidered/flockage effect on Men's & Children, and teamed with a organic cotton neck accessory for INFUSION line Tees are packed in Masala Tee Bag packaging for Men/Women's & silver Masala Tee Pouches for Children Masala tee is for Humanity:A certain percentage of our sales proceeds will still go towards humanitarian organisations in INDIA. Watch :http://youtu.be/iRbGRpgTBWI and http://youtu.be/cAuRISZl70o
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